Political Analysis

Regular and reliable monitoring and analysis of public policy- making processes and legislative activities in Latin America.

Regulatory information services analyzing initiatives based on their impact on different sectors.

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Using all the information processed, we analyze the resulting regulatory initiatives based on their impact on different sectors, whether private, civil society and/ or state. We use several variables to anticipate future changes or decisions in a reliable manner.

Thanks to this social enterprise, and together with other funding sources coming from international cooperation and the public sector, we can promote greater transparency in legislative branches of government, generate spaces for dialogue that foster agreements between social stakeholders and legislators, and freely and independently disseminate legislative information of public interest.


Political scenario analysis, composition of congresses, elections, among others.

Colombia heads to the polls in second round

This Sunday June 17th Colombia will hold the second round of the presidential elections. This preelectoral report includes general considerations for the election, the candidates’ profiles, their government platforms as well as key aspects of this contest...

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Labor regulations in LATAM

Several countries in Latin America have seen their Congress/Assembly launch a number of draft bills to change their work legislation. These bills tackle common issues in the region such as unions, outsourcing, gender-equal pay, disability inclusion in the workplace,...

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Monitor stakeholders and political influencers.



Real- time measurement of legislative activities.



Regional trend analysis and compared measurements.



Healthy eating regulations in schools in AmLat

A number of countries in the region have applied regulations on the matter or are in process of doing so, while Argentina has yet to start. Ongoing debates on healthy eating in schools are taking place in several countries in the region. Honduras has passed a law on...

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We provide training and advice on regulatory processes.