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The online version of the Directory is an essential tool for civil society to monitor and oversee the activities of the Argentine Congress and its legislators. It provides information both on the legislative branch as a whole – its workings, the roles of its various bodies and offices – and on individual lawmakers: their private and public sector backgrounds, legislative track-records, voting patterns, plus other pertinent data and contact details.

About us

We are a non-partisan organization that works to strengthen legislatures and consolidate democracy in Latin America. We achieve that by improving access to public information and through the creation of spaces for dialogue and consensus. Directorio Legislativo was conceived in 1999 as an independent project by two University of Bologna graduates who saw the need for greater scrutiny of Argentina’s Congress. We have since evolved into a powerful driver of parliamentary and institutional openness in Latin America…  


Directorio Legislativo for the Americas, or DL4A, is a sister organization of Directorio Legislativo. Its offices are based in the US, where it serves as a hub for directing most of our multi-country or regional work. Centered on strengthening the regional dimension of our work, its mission and objectives mirror those of Directorio Legislativo.
Citizens, Institutions and Government

Works to strengthen democracy by making institutions, lawmaking and public policy more transparent and responsive to citizens’ input and needs.

Political Analysis

Conducts comprehensive, ongoing and up-to-the-minute monitoring and analysis of policy and legislative developments in Latin America.


Legislative Balance of Argentina Congress

  “The Legislative Report is foremost a quantitative assessment of the output of Argentina’s National Congress. We combine this with a qualitative analysis of the workings of Parliament, to offer a nuanced picture of how effective and prolific Congress has been -...

Latam Fintech Regulations

What is Fintech? Fintech (Financial Technologies) is an incipient and rapidly growing market for startups that develop new procedures, applications or business models in the financial sector via the Internet. Its market model competes with that offered by...

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