Consensus Building

Contributes to multisectoral dialogue to foster agreements between stakeholders and decision- makers, encouraging civil society participation in legislative activity as well as in the design and implementation of public policies. Likewise, it creates education and training spaces to produce collective impact.

Alliance for Renewable Energy in Argentina

AERA (as per its Spanish acronym) is the first Alliance for Renewable Energy in Argentina to promote efficient, sustainable, decentralized universal and diversified energy. It’s a multisectoral space that aims at inviting new associations among the different stakeholders involved (energy, environmental, industrial, academic sectors and civil society organizations). As part of AERA, Directorio Legislativo continues to foster a broader dialogue on diversification of the Argentine energy matrix.

Sustainable Mobility


Argentinean Dialogue Platform for the Sustainable Use of the Natural Resources

The main purpose of the Argentinean Dialogue Platform for the Sustainable Use of the Natural Resources is to generate social change processes that result in more inclusive and participative practices regarding the use of natural resources by public agencies.

Learning and Leadership for advocacy in Argentina

Program aimed at strengthening civil society organizations implemented in the provinces of Jujuy, Salta and Formosa during 2016 and 2017 which is carried out in three stages: advocacy manual creation; workshops to reinforce the internal functioning of participating civil society organizations and their capacity to influence on public policies; and a third stage in which participating organizations can present an advocacy project to be funded by ALIARDemocrático.

Civil Alliance of Transplanted Patients’ Organizations

The purpose of the Civil Alliance of Transplanted Patents’ Organizations (ACOPT, as per its Spanish acronym) is to integrate a coordinated work and advocacy space to promote greater and enhanced access to organ transplant in an effective, conscious and transparent manner.

Alliance of Oncologic Patients

Cancer coalition Argentina (CCA, as per its Spanish acronym) is an alliance of oncologic patients’ organizations to train primary care physicians and to conduct campaigns on first aid centers, neighborhood health centers and other facilities in the public sector with a large influx of patients, considering that there is increasing evidence proving that the most vulnerable populations are exposed to greater suffering from the impact of cancer.

Climate Change Working Group

The Argentine chapter of Global Learning and Observation to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) works to improve the environmental condition at large through legislator- coordinated actions. Therefore, as a non- profit-making organization, it supports information exchange among lawmakers and encourages individual and stakeholder actions so as to preserve the global environment and propose pertinent legislation.

Group of action against human trafficking for purposes of sexual exploitation

The group of action against human trafficking for purposes of sexual exploitation was born in 2011 with the aim to have an impact on the Human Trafficking Law (26.364) which ultimately included the contributions of this group in the new Human Trafficking Law (26.842) passed in December 2012. Directorio Legislativo, together with a group of civil society organizations fighting human trafficking, worked constantly to influence key legislators to pass this new law which provides more effective answers to this complex crime.