Democratic Strengthening


Seeks to promote good practices, enable access to public information, and to encourage democratic institution accountability by improving institutional mechanisms and public ethics to construct open and responsible governments.

Access to Public Information

We work to promote good practices of access to information in the powers of the State. Mainly, we seek a correct and effective implementation of Law 27,275 of Access to Public Information, approved in 2016 after 15 years of work for its sanction.
To do this, we develop different types of actions, campaigns, research and publications in order to strengthen the channels of access to public sector information, facilitating accountability and communication channels with the public.

Open Government

Since 2012 Argentina is part of the Open Government Partnership, multilateral volunteer initiative to improve governmental performance, promote civic participation and enhance the government’s responsiveness to citizens through co- creation of action plans between the government and civil society organizations.

Transparency Agenda

12 significant proposed changes to the transparency system in our country (2016). Together with other 3 NGOs (ACIJ; ADC and Poder Ciudadano Foundation) we developed a website including 12 urgent amendment proposals to the democratic system. It was published in 2015 and presented to the new administration’s chief of staff and other officials.

PASCA’s focal point

The purpose of PASCA is to open up broad and inclusive dialogue spaces among civil society organizations, social stakeholders and governments of the Americas towards discussions and agreements held in the OAS’ framework. The focal points for each country offer recommendations on the chosen topics, and identify civil society and social stakeholders’ needs to strengthen their capacity for advocacy and monitoring regarding the implementation and impact of the 2015 Panama Summit mandates.

Public Ethics

We carry out actions to promote and improve mechanisms that ensure Public Ethics in the exercise of public function. For that, we promote a reform of the sworn declarations regime so that there is more and more information available, accessible and of quality about our rulers. We also promote a plural and profound improvement of the National Public Ethics Law in line with global standards of transparency and accountability, and work to regulate the conflict of interest by expanding the regime of incompatibilities, providing transparency of public affairs decisions and improving the management of this type of activities.