Healthy Alimentation

The working group for a balanced and healthy alimentation was generated in december 2015, looking forward to contribute to public policies, bills analysis, producing documents of the group’s stance and foster debates related to the needed changes and reforms in order to improve the way the Argentine society is fed. There are several members participating from the group, representing the private and public sector, scientific associations, academy and civil society organizations

Is their plurality (different views of the issue), interdisciplinarity (doctors, technicians, nutritionist, public officers and health rights experts) and multi-sectorality (industries, civil society, academy and governmental stakeholders) what defines the members of this working group.

In order to organize the advocacy strategy, we have divided our work into 4 topics:

  • Fiscal Incentives
  • Healthy Habitats
  • Labelled
  • Advertising and Marketing

News and publications related

Healthy eating regulations in schools in AmLat

A number of countries in the region have applied regulations on the matter or are in process of doing so, while Argentina has yet to start. Ongoing debates on healthy eating in schools are taking place in several countries in the region. Honduras has passed a law on...

Semana Internacional de Parlamento Abierto

Del 12 al 18 de septiembre se celebrará la ¨Semana Internacional de Parlamento Abierto¨ (GLOW, por sus siglas en inglés – Global Legislative Openness Week), como un llamado a los Congresos del mundo a que se abran a la ciudadanía y rindan cuentas sobre su accionar. Se...

Diálogos sobre la Estrategia de OGP: ¡Define el Futuro de OGP!

Los miembros de la Sociedad Civil del Comité Directivo de OGP te invitan a participar en los Diálogos sobre la Estrategia de OGP, una oportunidad de la comunidad de la sociedad civil para definir la dirección y el trabajo de OGP en el futuro. Estas conversaciones,...

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