Open Congresses

Promotes openness, citizen participation and institutional strengthening of the National Congress, provincial legislatures and Legislative Branches in Latin America through dialogue with legislators and government officials, alliances with local and international organizations and exchange of experiences and good practices.

Directorio Legislativo

Publication which brought our organization into being. It was first published in early 2000 for the purposes of fostering public debate, offering essential tools for the civil society to monitor and control the activities of the Legislative Branch and its representatives. It includes information regarding the Argentine legislative branch as an institutional body and discloses legislators’ personal data, as well as electoral, legislative and contact information.

Latin American Legislative Transparency Network

Network of civil society organizations from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay, Perú, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela that promotes transparency, access to information and responsibility in Latin American parliaments. Its purpose is to collectively establish a regional agenda and action plan.

Legislative Transparency Index

Measures transparency and access to public information in LAC Congresses. The project is replicated every two years with the purpose of analyzing the countries’ evolution in the matter and to compare them with the rest in Latin America.

Advocacy and Innovation for Legislative Openness

We promote the implementation of innovative methodologies, web tools and forms of participation that enable more citizen involvement in public decision- making and proposals for new laws. To this effect, we produce public policy documents and recommendations, and we provide training and counselling on Parliamentary Openness.